9 Female, 8 Male, Pas De Deux

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Remembrances is a ballet about looking back. As a woman sings her recollections of past love, a woman who remembers remains at her side to watch and reach toward a danced re-enactment of the past.

“Remembrances was shaped by the death of beloveds. Contained within the work are Joffrey’s impressions from childhood—of his parents and of his relationship to Mary Ann Wells and her husband, A. Forest King… and a reflection on the place of women in his life, both maternal and romantic.”

—Sasha Anawalt


Robert Joffrey


Richard Wagner

Costume Design:

Willa Kim

Lighting Design:

Jennifer Tipton

Set Design:

Reuben Ter-Arutunian


October 12, 1973

Running Time:

11 minutes

Number of Dancers:

17 (9 female, 8 male)



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