Footnotes for RJ

7 Dancers

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Arpino based this ballet on an earlier version he created in 1983, entitled “Quarter-Tones For Mr. B”, as an homage of sorts for George Balanchine. ”With great respect, I and the dancers have flavored the ballet with dance motifs relevant to Mr. Balanchine’s unique style”, Mr. Arpino wrote in the program notes.

Footnotes for RJ premiered in 1998 using the same music as its predecessor ballet, and reworked with a dedication to the late Robert Joffrey, who idolized Balanchine.

“To me, ‘Footnotes’ is a series of haiku poems, and more fun than I’ve had in a long time.”

—Gerald Arpino


Gerald Arpino


Teo Macero

Costume Design:

Rebecca Shouse

Lighting Design:

Kevin Dreyer


October 10, 1998

Running Time:

13 minutes

Number of Dancers:

7 (3 female, 4 male)



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