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Secret Places

Pas de Deux

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A contemporary meeting of a man and a woman in the forest. Lyrical, romantic and sleek.

“…A shadowy stage. A solitary girl is draped against a superstylized Ming Cho Lee tree in the background. Soon the girl wanders about. She is looking for something—more likely, someone. A boy enters. He too is lost and lonely. The two pass, as it were, like strangers in the night. Most important, they pass in silence. Suddenly and unwittingly, as if drawn by a magnetic force, the girl flies into the boy’s arms.”

—Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times

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Gerald Arpino


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Costume Design:

Gerald Arpino

Lighting Design:

Thomas Skelton

Set Design:

Ming Cho Lee


February 20, 1968

Running Time:

12 minutes